Thursday, September 01, 2005

Google Unscrewed, Finally!

For those of you who aren't familiar with the story, you might wonder why I have the words "Screw Google" at the bottom of this blog.

Wellll...Let me tell ya, Campers: It's because last year Google made me mad. And that anger led me to a phone conversation between Dr. Eric Schmidt's [A CEO of some sort with Google] assistant. That was followed by a phone call from the man, himself.

A jerk started a blog on Blogger and made terrible fun of the victims of last December's tsunami tragedy in Southeast Asia. I read it and became outraged.

I told Google to pull the offending blog. They refused. And the battle began.

Phone calls were made, emails flew, and the story was sent, via other bloggers, around the world.

The blog stayed. So did the words "Screw Google" on my blog.

Now another disaster has devastated a population...The one in my own Country.

And for some mystical reason, Google has finally seen fit to do the right thing. Click on the post headline above and you will see what the big G has finally had the decent wisdom to do.


And not a minute too soon.


Pixie said...

Will do so, time permitting Goddess Ruthie.

You rock my world. Thank you for taking me away from my convictions just long enough to recharge and remember what my convictions are.

All join hands and praise Goddess Ruthie!!!!

You rock, sister.

Never forget there are people who feel exactly what you have to say.

I'd have never known you if you hadn't made yourself "acknowledged"...

You've been "linked".

C'mere and lemme hug yer neck!


Ruthie In The Sky said...

UPDATE 2008: Something tells me that it's all happening at the Zoo. I do believe it.