Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina:Poor Excuses

Prez poobah la Bush did a camera thing this morning. I wasn't impressed. He gave a weak pep talk after his buddies declared "Yup, yup, we're doing a great job, yup, yup" [pat, pat, pat on the backs and total male bonding]

The only ones that I cared about or have kudos for that participated in that meeting are the guys from the Coast Guard and National Guard.

I swear that I even heard Prez poobah la Bush refer to FEMA pinhead Mike Brown as "Brownie." [made me wonder if that's why he's always trying to make points]

I have been away from CNN for a few hours so I don't know what the rat pack has done since they left that pre-investigative meeting.

But I'm going to go back upstairs now and find out.

Meanwhile, let us all pray that our idiot leaders get their act together and stop ignoring simple logic like:

1.] If you build a city at or below sea-level right next to the coastline in a hurricane-prone area...IT will come! Vulnerability [in any case] is not contingent upon what the poobahs may or may not choose to acknowledge as a real problem.

2.] The money and manpower that was put into the Middle East war effort should have been spent on shoring up the coastline of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Not to mention establishing more protections for the panhandle of Florida!

3.] Many of the hurricane survivors should file a serious class-action lawsuit. There is no excuse for bad judgment.

And THAT, Campers, is what I see to be the bottom line here.


Pixie said...

Goddess Ruthie speaks!

Ruthie In The Sky said...

In complete sentences, no less!