Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ruthie In DC, Update

When I got into Washington DC, a man named Robert Egger suggested that I stay at the downtown homeless shelter there. He told me in an email that his friend would fix me right up.

This is what happened:

I went to the DC Central Kitchen and finally followed a woman up to what can only be described as Washington DC's dirtiest secret.

Yes, I spent one night there. But I did not sleep alone.

I was accompanied by mice [yes, as in ears and tails, Campers] and roaches bigger than my thumb.

The shelter consists of numerous rooms that are connected by several long hallways. Beds are jammed together. And after checking-out the exits, I know that if a fire broke out, many people would never get off that floor alive.

I went to take a shower and discovered that the ceiling is rotted, hanging down in strips in places and covered with black mold.

When I went to get something to eat, I was told that if I didn't have my own eating utensil, I was out of luck.

A woman donated an extra plastic fork that she had in her purse.

There were a total of three trays available for me to use. Everyone else used their own tupperware or bowls which they washed-out in the bathroom sink.

Toilet paper was rationed and cigarettes were sold for $4.00 a pack from a vending machine by the front "desk."

While I was eating, a mouse fell from a pipe above my head and nearly landed in my food.

After "dinner" I watched the rodents and the roaches scramble all over the kitchen counters.

I decided that it was cleaner at Camp Casey.


Carlos said...

hahaha! awesome.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

I think it's more pathetic than anything else.

And what is most horrible of all is the fact that the United Way contributes money to that place.

With all of the obvious code violations, it is a tragic liability just waiting to happen.

Thank you for your comment, Carlos.