Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ruthie In DC, Update

After some networking, speeches and confused meandering around the Washington monument, WE THE PROTESTING PEOPLE finally began to walk.

We walked past the pro-Bush/pro-war people and laughed when a man with a bullhorn told us "You're all going to hell!"

We walked past the fancy hotels that opened their doors to anyone who needed a rest room break or a drink of water.

We walked past all of the tall gray buildings that have "Federal" this and "National" that chiseled into their stone faces.

And when we reached that wrought-iron fence outside the White House, I grabbed a bullhorn of my own and declared: "The longer that I stand here and linger, the more I want to give George Bush the finger!"

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And then I turned my middle fingers at the White House.

Yes, Campers, I gave the Bush Administration a two-bird salute.

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