Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ruthie In DC, Update

I felt a kinship that I never would have felt if I had come to Washington DC as a tourist.

Oh the feeling!!!

I saw a sea of faces: Grandmothers, young families with babies in strollers [their wide eyes taking everything in], kids that you would see in tattoo parlors and folks that you would meet at Wal-Mart. White, Black, Hispanic, Christian, Jewish and everyone was a card-carrying citizen of the United States of America.

And as I stood there and watched everyone, I flashed on those white crosses at Camp Casey and thought: "There is no honor in being dead. All of these people here today are alive. They have a chance to make a difference today. The dead never will. Death didn't bring my Country freedom. God did. And people like those I am with today."


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