Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ruthie In DC, Update

I was getting very tired and a friend of mine suggested that I crash at St. Stephens church.

So instead of attending the candlelight vigil at Camp Casey I took a city bus to an aging church building.

I got a kind smile, a plate of food and a piece of cardboard that I used for my bed on the floor.

Young people who planned to make the most of the next day's march, were rehearsing their strategy in one of the rooms.

After asking several questions, I learned that this group was aligned with the rebels in Seattle, Washington. They not only don't appreciate the present administration but also abhor the worldwide financial set-up.

We related much better with each other than I ever did with the Sheehan-ites at Camp Casey.

Oddly enough, Cindy Sheehan was near that group when she was arrested.

And if you say that was accidental, Ms. Sheehan, I won't believe you.

P.S.: I slept like a baby at that church. Sometimes it isn't what you sleep on...It's who you're with.

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