Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ruthie In DC

I got a short email from Chuck Chambers this morning. I told him that I was checking-out the IRS building and the White House, too. He told me to "stay out of trouble."

That's exactly what I intend to do. Maybe.

I stood outside the tall, wrought-iron fence and watched water spray from a fountain in front of the White House.

"Yeah, it's white, alright" I thought and took out my cell phone. I stood there and sent text to Chuck for about five minutes. Then I noticed a big, beefy guard in a dark blue uniform leading a large dog across the lawn.

I thought to myself: "Ruthie...This is what the Federal Government has come to--->a guard, a dog and a wrought-iron fence. The man inside that house doesn't want to see you today, he doesn't care about you, he never will. THIS isn't your America anymore. Your America belongs to all the roads that you traveled from Portland, Oregon to get here. Your America belongs to all of the people that stopped, gave you a ride, fed, housed and encouraged you along the way. That's YOUR America, Ruthie. None of what you experienced as you traveled across eleven States has anything to do with what lies beyond that big white house."

Cindy Sheehan's group is having a vigil tonight. I hope to be there. In the middle of downtown Washington DC...If not in the real heart of the United States of America.

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