Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ruthie In DC/Camp Casey

I arrived in Washington DC and eventually located Cindy Sheehan's Washington DC branch of Camp Casey. The camp, for those of you who never made it there, consisted of: a large tent-like structure filled with tables, chairs, slogan t-shirts, bumper stickers, coolers of juice drinks and boxes of bottled water. Photographs of dead men and women in uniform hung from the tent on all sides along with a huge mural of Cindy Sheehan's deceased son, Casey.

In front of the tent [situated directly across from the Washington Monument] were rows of white crosses. I was told that there were over 900 crosses on display as well as two smaller rows of boots.

Some of the crosses were "claimed" and marked with a name of a loved one who died in the war. Many of the crosses had no name at all.

I spent two-and-a-half days visiting Camp Casey. And I am convinced that Cindy Sheehan has no idea that I was ever there.

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