Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ruthie In DC/Camp Casey

I went back to Camp Casey and the place was very crowded. All of the magic of the night that I spent there was gone.

A man got into a discussion with another person and it was obvious that he came over to the Camp to raise hell.

So I got up from where I was decorating a t-shirt with magic markers in the grass and joined the discussion.

Cameras were everywhere. I ignored them. They didn't ignore me.

I talked to the guy for several minutes, working up to my final point, when I felt several arms pulling me back.

Yes, Campers, the very people who made a big deal about being able to speak their mind, tried to shut me up.

That pissed me off. It really pissed me off!!!

I thought about Cindy Sheehan and how she insists on having her say. Then I realized that her "people" [those individuals who stayed inside the tent and snubbed plenty more folks than just me] didn't see me as a unique person.

I asked those "Sheehan-ites" why they thought they had the right to stop me from delivering my opinion. And they flashed me condescending smiles and wandered back into the tent.

Would you have done that to me, Cindy?


Anonymous said...

ERr uh what were you trying to say. I mena I don't really care your opinion you hve every right to that by why were tehy less than receptive you think. Might make a good post for the Jawa. I'm not sure what thread you had trouble with send me the url and I'll see what I can do for ya. Pretty much everyone is allowed but has been turning off comments and turning them back on to control comment spam. Just saw your post and checked it out. My email is on the contacts page where you posted.

Howie said...

and I can't type some days either.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed my comments. As to what I am trying to say...I believe it is perfectly clear: Cindy Sheehan is turning a critical cause into her own personal grandstand.

I spent two days at Camp Casey, including that one night that led to the early morning reporters that I never got the chance to talk to.

I was good enough to sit sentry all night long at her hamlet but not worth enough to speak to the media.

And when I tried to give my opinion to a puffed-up blowhard I was pulled back by several "Sheehan-ites." They grabbed me because they didn't feel that I was the "one" who should reply to the guy.

But I had hitchhiked about 3,000 miles to stand in that grass and say whatever I damn well wanted to.

There's a clear message here. And it isn't Cindy's and it isn't just mine. It's a fact.


Howie said...

You are quite welcome Ruthie. Good luck in yer travels. I do give rides when I see hikers. I figure if I don't what will happen when I need one eh? So if you are ever in Little Egypt drop me a line. Nothing bad has ever happend to me and I've done it plenty of times. Always feel good afterwards. The good lord looks our for those who look our for others. I fixed you up a link on the comments becuase cutting and pasting them on our site doesn't work too good since we got the new template. Again best of luck. I'm sure we don't agree on the war but I respect your right to say whatever the heck you want.

Good day and God bless and keep you safe.