Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I am in Pocatello, Idaho and I will board a bus to Denver, Colorado later on tonight.


Ruthie In The Sky said...


1.] When did you get a wife?
2.] When did you get a daughter?
3.] You didn't mention either one the last time that I called you.
4.] You never mentioned anything about the time of day when I called last time.
5.] The karma is still growing.

Anonymous said...


the wife came along about three and a half years ago, the daughter around 12 months later. the first time you called was around 10 at night. this time was well after midnight. Again, I appreciate the concern for my family and it's always interesting to hear from you, but given all that was happening at that moment and where my family is, a ringing phone doesn't sound good...

If possible, gimme a day or so email notice next time you want to call, that way I can be ready.