Thursday, September 15, 2005

Ruthie On The Road, Update

It's a job keeping this blog going...Especially when I am on the road like I am now.

But I do it. Pretty cool, eh?

I left Collinsville, Illinois and ended up on an on-ramp near a dimly lit intersection.

A guy finally came picked me up and got me to a rest area just before a big storm hit.

I rode out the weather there and then walked back onto the interstate at 6am. I walked several miles, through road construction, to the next exit.

After standing on the on-ramp there for several minutes, a guy in an empty tanker truck stopped and picked me up.

He took me to the small city of Vandalia, Illinois where I walked into the local hospital. I wanted to find out what shelter or services the city has. A nice lady there hooked me up with breakfast and then drove me over to the local Methodist church building.

I attempted to talk to a guy in an office there but a woman came flying out of the back room and told me to go to the sheriff's department.

So I was on my way to the county cop shop when I noticed a petite lady climbing into a big van. Something told me to talk to her. So I did.

She smiled and told me that she was going to the sheriff's office. So I got in her van and she drove us to see the wizard...I mean sheriff.

He really didn't do anything for me.

So the lady and I went back to her house where I ate and slept a bit.

Then she drove me over to the laundromat and I got my washing done.

After that, she drove me back out to the on-ramp to I-70 so I could continue my journey east.

A guy picked me up and took me to Indianapolis, Indiana.

Then a young truck driver picked me up and took me from Indy to where I am now: Zanesville, Ohio.

So I went from Vandalia, Illinois to Zanesville, Ohio all in one night.

I slept and showered at the local Salvation Army today and I will resume my hitchhiking this evening.

I'm headed for Wheeling, West Virginia and I'm out in the country now, ya'all.

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