Monday, September 19, 2005

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I am in Hagerstown, Maryland now. It's definitely New England.

However, it looks as though I will have problems finding available shelter space in Washington DC.

But you know me, Campers, I don't quit on the first try.

I have seen goodness down the road to here. And I have experienced everything from spite [Getting kicked out of a Baptist Church building after explaining that I am going to Washington DC to partake in a war protest] to reverse discrimination [three out of four black women at the shelter here in Hagerstown refused to even speak to me].

Now I will leave Hagerstown and wander down the road toward Uncle Sam Land.

I'm going to talk to Robert Egger [author of "Begging For Change" and founder of the DC Central Kitchen] and confront Michael Stoops [Click on post headline above to read the Stoops story].

More to come, Campers.

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