Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Robert Egger, who, among many other incredible things, wrote the book "Begging For Change", told me in an email today "make your voice heard, Sister." So I will.

I went through a tough ordeal last night in the totally paranoid town of Frederick, Maryland. I tried to get shelter [a local cop swore he called everybody that he could think of] and ended up sitting on a stone bench until this morning.

Ahm tired, people!

And it looks like I am going to have to hitchhike down to Washington DC from here. Tonight.

I could have had a bus ticket but I was hesitant about what I would deal with at a shelter in downtown DC. [By the time I got the email, it was too late to get the bus ticket] Robert Egger calmed my nerves [in an email to me] and opened the door to his own DC Central Kitchen for the duration of my visit to Washington.

I thank him profusely for all of his kindness.

And there was a woman who intervened on my behalf today when so many other people stuck up their noses. Yes Campers, those snooty folks closed ranks and stuck together like ribbon stickers on the back of an SUV.

It's going to storm tonight. Meanwhile, Rita is brewing up something bad near Florida.

Hoo wow, Campers...It looks like September is busting out all over!

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