Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ruthie's Birthday Hitchhike, Continued

As the miles passed,
the woman told me 101 "reasons" why I should love the flag, George Boosh and Jeeesus Churaaast.

"It's bluuud that saves yer soul and bluuud that keeps our Countree fuhree." she declared.

I just tuned her out or told her what she wanted to hear.

She finally pulled into a truck stop and told me to eat a "birthday meal" with her.

Afterwards I went back up on the ramp and realized that I was now standing in the State of Kansas.

Five minutes after I put my thumb out, a man who slightly resembled the writer Stephen King, pulled over in a white van.

A big, black lab stuck his head out the passenger window and let me scratch his ears.

That night the guy, his dog [named "Chance"] and I stayed in a cheap room at a motel near downtown Kansas City, Kansas.

He bought dinner, watched NASCAR and was a total gentleman.

My birthday ended on an unusual but happy note.

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