Monday, October 17, 2005

Lincoln City Library

The following is a copy of an email that I just sent to the Director of the public library in Lincoln City, Oregon:


[I have just finished hitchhiking across the United States, from
Portland, Oregon to Washington DC and back again. I am in Lincoln City

And I am very disgusted.

I crossed a variety of States in my trek to and from the East Coast
and visited many libraries along the way.

I rely on free-net access sites for my Internet use. When I use a
computer I deal with my email and update my online journal. The URL
for it is located under my signature line below.

A number of the libraries that I visited received their computer
equipment and support through a Gates Library grant. I have not found
out if your library received any money from the Gates foundation.

In any case, your library holds the distinction for being the least
user-friendly and the most downright rude.

I came in with the pack that I have carried about 6,000 miles and the
librarian at the desk [very rudely] told me to deal with my pack.

No library, anywhere, has ever told me to leave my backpack near the
librarians' desk because "no backpacks of any kind are allowed in the
library proper."

Come on!

Your library is located in freaking Lincoln City, Oregon! The
librarians never said a darn word about my pack in Chicago,
Indianapolis or Washington DC!!!

And nobody ever treated me with such obvious snooty condescension.

Shame on your facility!

I would love to know that your computer department received a grant
from the Gates foundation. Because I would really love to contact them
and tell them how I was treated.]


It's always something, isn't it?

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