Sunday, October 23, 2005

Lock The Library

I received a response from the "public" library in Lincoln City, Oregon. I am including MY response here:

[First, you call me a liar. I know what the man said and that's what he said.


Second, he told me that the locker would cost me a quarter. He never
said that the locker is free.

I didn't want to deal with a locker...I just wanted to sit down and
use a terminal.

You said that the librarian noted that nothing "remarkable" happened.
He's right about that...It isn't remarkable. It's pathetic.

You say that you've had problems with theft. Well, it seems to me that
after your city built such a large building that that it would've seen
fit to install a "buzzer bar" at all of the exits.

Buzzer bars send a signal and alert the library staff when something
is taken that shouldn't be.

If I had walked in with an over sized black leather purse, would I
have had to drop that off somewhere in the library, too?

How about a cloth book bag from Barnes& Noble?

Why was I singled out?

I could have just as easily slipped a CD or a book into one of the
above as put it in my backpack.

What happened to me is discrimination. Outright, plain and simple.

First you doubt what I say and then you imply that I might be a thief.

The librarian never offered me the option of a see-through shopping
basket or whatever you mentioned.

Nope, Never, Nada.

I am satisfied that your library has not received any funding
whatsoever from the Gates Foundation. I assume that they will confirm

And I have been to so many libraries, large and small, urban and rural
that I could be a consultant!

No, many libraries do not charge non-residents for computer time. In
fact, after visiting libraries in every State except Hawaii [including
Alaska] I can count the ones that do charge on one hand.

Furthermore, I doubt that your library and the city of Lincoln City
has any choice but to allow free access to your computers. Whether a
user is a resident or not.

Because if your library attempted to exclude everyone but residents of
Lincoln City, you'd lose financial support and incite a lawsuit.

I will never return to your library again. But I will include a
follow-up write-up about this in my blog.]


This is why so many libraries across the Country are losing funding now.

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