Thursday, October 13, 2005

Message To Howie

Here is a copy of the comments that I posted to my friend Howie. Thanks for your assistance, Howie:

I'm glad that you enjoyed my comments. As to what I am trying to say...I believe it is perfectly clear: Cindy Sheehan is turning a critical cause into her own personal grandstand.

I spent two days at Camp Casey, including that one night that led to the early morning reporters that I never got the chance to talk to.

I was good enough to sit sentry all night long at her hamlet but not worth enough to speak to the media.

And when I tried to give my opinion to a puffed-up blowhard I was pulled back by several "Sheehan-ites." They grabbed me because they didn't feel that I was the "one" who should reply to the guy.

But I had hitchhiked about 3,000 miles to stand in that grass and say whatever I damn well wanted to.

There's a clear message here. And it doesn't just belong to Cindy.

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