Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ruthie And Sioux City

This is a copy of an email that I just sent to the City of Sioux City, Iowa:


I hitchhiked from Washington DC and the last driver dropped me off about seven miles outside of your city.

Several minutes after his truck pulled away, I took out my cell phone and called your cities' police department.

I told the dispatcher that I was stranded out by the Truck Haven truck stop and asked for help.

I didn't get any.

Instead, the dispatcher told me to follow the interstate into town and gave me the address of the women's shelter.

Now I have no problem with walking along an interstate. But I was out there in the middle of the night, it was cold [this was about 1am yesterday morning] and the road was very dimly lit in places.

Sure, I had an LED flashlight but the trucks were rolling at top speed and I was taking quite a chance!

A man who had just finished a nine-hour shift at a temp. job came walking up and offered to escort me into town. We walked together. And nobody ever stopped to ask if we needed assistance.


By the time that we got into town, I could barely walk. I traveled quite a bit that day [from Des Moines] and part of that journey involved quite a bit of walking.

That man led me over to a bench in front of Walgreen and sat me down. Then he went in and bought some food and drink with the money that he earned that day.

After I finished my little meal, he brought me over to the women's shelter and stayed until a lady let me in the front door.

I will always appreciate and remember that man.

He doesn't have much more than I do but he carried my pack and told me stories and made sure that I made it safely to the shelter.

He's a hero. Your police department, on the other hand, is not!

I am disgusted. I shall remain that way.

It seems to me that your police department could have done more to help me.

And to them I say: "Shame on you!"

Consider my point made.


I will post any replies that I receive from that city.

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