Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hell To Ma Bell

Letter To My Phone People:

I am sending this because I have been trying to deal with a problem affecting my phone [otherwise it works fairly well] and the worthless people at ______ Customer Service.

I re-purchased and attempted to download an application onto my phone and was [and still can't] unable to do so because the download icon didn't show up on my phone.

It did when I originally purchased the application.

But ever since I deleted that application and then re-ordered and paid for it again, my phone has not received the download icon. The download icon allows me to click on it and download the application. Period.

I am not getting that icon on my phone now.

So why am I writing to YOU about this?

Because I have tried, on different days and at various times, to reach someone responsible and truly helpful at ______ Customer Service and have instead received the following:

1. Rudeness.
2. Hang ups.
3. Put on Hold for a long period of time with loud music in my ear.
4. Five different explanations of what is wrong and no resolution to the problem.

I paid my money and I want my service.

If your company continues to treat this as a joke then perhaps I will contact the media myself and also the government entity that handles consumer complaints like this.

You want attention? I'll give you attention!

I'm pretty much fed up with the asinine and irresponsible antics of your so-called "Customer Service" people.


Shelleigh (Pixie) said...


Add to that list... I know you are not "out of area"... I KNOW you are not, and that is the message I've been getting all damned day.

I'm trying to reach you Ruthie, I AM I AM I AM.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ruthie:

Give us the name of that mediocre company so we'll know where not to do business.

These companies should disappear from the corporate map. Period.



jayne d'Arcy said...

I echo Omar. Give us their name and we'll give them what for. We can't have our Ruthie out on the road without a way to be reached.

maggie from the west coast said...

Ruthie where are u im beginning to get concerned. Hope Ma Bell didnt cut u off after u sounded off

BeckEye said...

Customer service? What's that??

I'm convinced it doesn't exist anymore.

theo said...

its may 1st...."Scoobie Doo...Where Are Youoooo??" my phone is out but my email works fine.

jayne d'Arcy said...

Ruthie - where are you? My mom has been visiting all this week, so I never had a chance to call you. If you don't post before thursday, I'll call you on Friday. Hope you're all right.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Shelleigh, I apologize for not being available for you when you called.

My phone, which is outfitted with security features, got lost and that's why you couldn't reach me all that time!

However, the phone company that I deal with did allow me to keep my phone number and transferred my minutes from the lost phone to the one that I have now.

The company name is Boost Mobile. They have yet to respond to my email.

They did, however, trip all over themselves when I finally called Customer Service after I bought my new phone.

I got my AccuWeather java application properly re-installed and my nifty ultra-GPS tracking system, too.

Hello to Omar, BeckEye, theo and maggie from the west coast.

Thank you for your comments. :)

It sure is great to be "back in the saddle" again!!!!!