Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I will be leaving Flagstaff, Arizona today and hopefully going where my allergies won't bother me so freaking much!

I am having a terrible time with them here today!

And I have already taken a Claritin pill and it isn't working!!!

Damn it!

Anyway, Spring is in the air here [sort of...The temperature at 7am this morning was 18 degrees above zero]!!

And I took about as much of the crap from the religious zealots at the local mission that I could stand.

Get this: They actually wanted me to fill-out this Bible study paper ["Hunt for the clues in the Word, Ruthie"] in five days or "risk expulsion" from their "hallowed" hut.

Yeah right.

Jayne...I am looking forward to seeing your logo!

Pie Shell...I am looking forward to hearing your voice!

Luka...I am looking forward to reading your blog again!

Talk to you all later. Somewhere down the road.

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