Monday, April 17, 2006

Ruthie Rides Again!

I got up this morning near Salt Lake City, Utah with a nice man named Bill and he [and his faithful dog, Dex] took me to a ramp.

I got two rides and ended up here in Provo, Utah. That's when it started snowing.

It is cold, gray and wintry here today!!!

The nice lady who picked me up last took me to a soup kitchen. They referred me to another place that hooked me up with a bus ticket from here to...


Yes, Campers, tonight Ruthie is going for a good long ride. I'll even get to spend a few hours in Vegas.

Yesterday I ate a bodacious Easter dinner with all the trimmings. I slept on a comfy couch last night under a soft, whaleskin blanket.

I did my email, posted on my blog and even got my laundry done.

Not bad for walking out to the interstate and sticking out my thumb outside a small city in southern Montana yesterday morning!

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