Friday, May 26, 2006

Blackest Rainbow In Bellingham!

Hey, Campers, check THIS out!!! The following is an email that I sent out to a number of people today and this is exactly what is happening to me!

[I left you a voice mail message and am hoping that you have received it by now.

I am having a big problem with your so-called "Rainbow Center" and
have had enough of it.

What if it was you???

I am new to Bellingham and am from out-of-State. I know precious
little about this area and have no intention of making my home here.

My final destination will be Alaska, where I used to live several years ago.

That being said, I would like to point out here, at the outset, that I
put my unqualified faith in the Rainbow Center. I regret doing that.
Totally and absolutely regret it!

I am now working with the Church on the Street, Salt on the Sidewalk,
The Lighthouse Mission, The Salvation Army, the Hope House, The YMCA
and the YWCA along with the Opportunity Center. They are helping to
keep me fed, sheltered, clean and have they have never let me down.

Not once, in the past week, any of them.

The Rainbow Center, on the other hand, have made a travesty of my trust in them.

I had all of my identification stolen in Nevada and am trying very
hard to get it all replaced.

I contacted my bank [Wells Fargo] and asked them to send me a
replacement bank card and PIN.

I trusted the Rainbow Center and made arrangements to have those items
sent to there.

Then I realized what kind of people are dealing with my

For example: I called the Rainbow Center and asked them if I had any
mail there. I called them this morning. A woman told me that yes,
there was mail there for me from Wells Fargo bank.

I told her that I would be there within the hour to pick it up. It is
too late to stop the mail that has already been sent from Wells Fargo
to the Rainbow Center address.

When I got to the Rainbow Center, everyone there told me that there
was no mail for me. None.

Then one of the guys finally asked me what the name was of the lady
who told me that I had mail today.

I told him that I didn't know and one of the guys went back to find the woman.

She finally appeared, walked over to the computer keyboard opposite of
the place that the mail is kept until it's picked up, and lifted said

There, under the keyboard, was a piece of mail from my bank.

I asked her why she did it. She told me that someone had told her that
I wanted her to leave it there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Listen, Andy, it's goes without saying that this is a serious situation.

I want my mail, in a timely fashion, from my bank, put in my hand. Period.

I am still expecting my card and the PIN from the bank and for that
matter it might come in this afternoon's mail.

So the question now is: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS?

You're running a place there that is so bad that I don't want to stand
in it for five minutes.

And I most certainly want all of my mail until every piece from Wells
Fargo Bank is sent.

Then I want nothing to do with your center.

I have filed a complaint with the United Way already today, had quite
a conversation with a man there, who listened intently to everything
that I had to say.

Now I am "talking" to you.

I want this problem cleared-up and my mail delivered...TO ME!

Please send me an email.

Sooo, Campers...see what I am going through here in Bellingham?

Any suggestions?

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