Saturday, May 27, 2006

Gordon Lightfoot: Gold As Ever!

Click on the post headline above to catch Lightfoot's upcoming tour dates!

For years I have admired the Canadian singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot. Last night, lying on my mat in the dark here in Bellingham, Washington, I heard the song "Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald" on my walkman.

So today I did a search on Google and discovered that Gord has recovered from the major illness that almost took his life.

He's back on tour and I am thrilled!

I saw him once in concert, years ago, near Oklahoma City.

He closed his concert with a few whacks on his guitar and the words "...I'm not supposed to care."

Well, I'm here today to tell Mr. Gordon Lightfoot that I care. I care plenty.

You're a heck of a performer and an even better human being, Gord! I wish you great success on the road this year and next year, too!

I will be your fan forever.


Anonymous said...

I thought he said that out of all the depression about being too kind to care for a long time, then seeing things reverse!

alyceclover said...

Hello, Well, made it to Sept 2005 archives. You are talented and funny. Came here via a newly homeless Van dweller's post that lead me to a forum, where you posted a comment. I was interested in learning about how a woman goes about hitch hiking. The day before you turned 50, I turned 57. Two days after you turned 50 my fatal error turned 50 as well. I'd considered "walking to New Orleans" instead, opted for safety and the known, accepting a house/dog/cat sitting job while they were in Europe. Been inside every since. Think me too old to walk to New Orleans, heard they have tent cities, but seems they only hire illegal immigrants to do clean up work. Who knows.

Recall a while coming upon a website that turns blogs into books. Yours would do well, not just a personal journey of courage, a look at how homeless are treated, but a record of history as well. Doubt that I'd be able to stand Alaskan cold weather; liked your idea of a group hike. Wish you well as you travel.