Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm In Washington!

Yesterday morning a guy pulled his big rig across two lanes and parked. He flashed his lights and blew his horn. I ended up going with him from that truck stop in Montana to here in Spokane, Washington yesterday.

And I finally contacted Jayne who was kind enough to let me stay at her house last night.

She has a very comfy home and shares it with two cats, two dogs and a nice husband.

Jayne and I took photos of each other and I look forward to sharing them with you, soon.

She gave me some hippy clothes and a nifty fish bag. Yeah, it's a bag that looks like a huge goldfish, complete with plastic eyes!

I got cleaned up, slept, did my laundry and walked off with a new wardrobe.

Jayne also gave me a BEAUTIFUL NECKLACE that she made herself. I mean, the necklace is major awesome!

Thank you, Jayne!

Next time I will buy the pizza but I know that you'll give half to those pooches!


Those dogs watched me eat pizza last night and I finally had to give them some so they'd SORT OF leave me alone to eat the last piece!

Right, Jayne???

The library was closed in downtown Spokane, Jayne, so I'm doing this at another location.

Again: Thank you and thanks to your husband for everything!

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