Monday, May 15, 2006

LDS Kindness In Ogden

I was picked up by a guy who took me to a truck stop outside of North Salt Lake City, Utah. He gave me enough money to get a shower and a bite to eat. After I did that, I walked up to a ramp.

A lady named Susan, who says she works as some sort of secretary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints [LDS], drove me to Ogden, Utah.

She took me to Denny's where I ate some dinner and then she drove me to a cheap little motel where I spent the night.

She wanted me to stay in Ogden and "put down roots."

I ended up going to see the Bishop there and he helped me get a bag of food, bottled water, a used pack and some clothes from the thrift store.

A lady who works in the thrift store gave me a twenty-dollar bill. After I changed my clothes and loaded my pack, I headed out to the ramp.

I like Ogden but my heart is in Alaska. And I knew that I had to get going to Idaho.

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