Monday, May 29, 2006

Letter From Sabrina's Daddy

It could be called a "cold case" now. A little girl left her daddy and went with her non-custodial mother for the weekend. She never returned. Both she and her mother vanished.

The little girl is Sabrina Fair Allen.

[Click on the post headline above and visit the website that her father has created for his beautiful missing daughter.]

When Sabrina first went missing, I posted photos and information about her on an old website.

Now I'm bringing her up again because I was reminded of her after looking at the photos of Reachelle Smith.

According to the website, Sabrina and her mother were "located in Mexico City in June 2003 using the names Blanca Aurora Fabian Uribe and Adriana Fabian Uribe, but eluded authorities."

New age-enhanced pictures of Sabrina are available on the website, too.

Take some time and check out the story about Sabrina. Thanks, Campers!

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