Sunday, May 28, 2006

Missing Reachelle Smith, Update

Reachelle Smith and Leigh Cowen

I have noticed that the little girl who is missing from North Dakota has a name that is being spelled two different ways.

The North Dakota Amber Alert people are spelling her first name "REACHELLE" and so I will refer to her with that spelling until I am informed otherwise.

According to the Weather Underground blog:

[AMBER Alert Update:

24 MAY 2006

MINOT, N.D. - A man who police thought was with a missing 3-year-old girl was found dead in a van at a wildlife refuge Tuesday, but authorities said there was no sign of the girl.
Police Capt. Al Hanson said the body of Leigh Cowen, 22, was found inside the van on a gravel road at the Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge northwest of Minot early Tuesday afternoon. The body was sent to the state medical examiner in Bismarck to determine a cause of death, but Hanson said Cowen appeared to have killed himself by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Hanson said authorities searched the area for 3-year-old Reachelle Smith, who was last seen the night of May 16.

"At this point, there's no indication that the girl was around that area," he said.

Authorities had thought Reachelle was with Cowen, a man who had been living with her aunt, the child's legal guardian. Hanson said authorities were looking for evidence at the site where Cowen's body was found to see if the girl had been with him.]

This sounds know what it sounds like, Campers.

Furthermore, people are saying that they saw Leigh Cowen putting garbage in a dumpster near his home before he disappeared and killed himself.

Please, God, let Reachelle be found alive or her little body discovered so that her family can find closure.

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