Monday, May 22, 2006

No Way!!!

I try to be patient, Campers, with most people. Especially if they make an attempt to help me.

But here in Bellingham...I have met some real jackasses and my patience is near its end.

Lori decided to send an email to my friend Pie Shell and tell her that she is my "advocate" at a place that is for people recovering from mental illness.

Oh geez, Lori...thanks bunches, Babe.

First of all, I am NOT mentally ill! Although I think I was a bit nuts to trust that crew over there in my hour of need. I simply needed help and they were available in a place that was easy for me to find in downtown Bellingham.

I told that bunch what they wanted to hear.

They, in turn, treated me like a second-class citizen because I don't booze or take drugs or hang my hat on co-dependancy or a criminal record.

This morning was the last straw! I am done with them!

Except for two very important pieces of mail that will be arriving there soon, I will have nothing further to do with them.


The shit I go through sometimes!!!

And then there's the freaking mission that I'm staying at: Nutballs, addicts and hateful people running the place.

Yeah, I sure as hell can't wait to get out of Bellingham!

Meanwhile, two WONDERFUL people from the local chapter of "The Church On The Street" are doing me every worthwhile favor in the book.

Thank God for those two!!!!

Within the next few days, after I get several other things done related to replacing my identification, I will share some VERY pertinent emails with you.


Pixie said...

LOL! I know you're not mentally ill!
I blew that part off... you know me, I hear what I want to hear.

Love you!

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Oh she's a piece of work, alright!

By the way, howdya like the photo?

Jayne took it at her house.

I have time properly credit her for it today.

And add some more of the photos that she sent.


I love you, too, Ms. Pie Shell Sweetness.*