Monday, May 29, 2006

Nothing But The Dead And Dying...

Just look at this situation:

It's Memorial Day...When the dead fighters are supposed to be honored for doing what they did.

And two men from CBS are dead and a female correspondent is fighting for her life.

What have we got, people?

Beyond all of the wars, and all of the graves and all of the Memorial Days gone by.

What have we really got here today?


Nothing but the dead and dying in the Middle East.

Has any conflict been resolved? NO.

Has anyone's life improved? NO.

No...All that exists over there now is rubble and burnt, twisted metal.

Metal burnt and twisted like the bodies of so many victims of insurgent bombings.

Those bodies are bent and twisted like the ideology that has resulted in nothing but DEATH!

I am sad for the men who died. And I hope that Kim makes it.

I hate war.


Put THAT on a memorial!

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