Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ruthie Is Robbed Again!!!

Please forgive my not posting photos and answering questions directly today. But I am in a situation right now.

For the second time in five months, all of my identification has been stolen.

It was taken by a guy who drives Wal-Mart company truck. It happened between Little Rock and Fayetteville, Arkansas.

I don't have time to list all of the details here right now but I sure will later.

The driver said that he lives about 30 miles from Paducah in the State of Kentucky. He said that he is 23 years old. He said that everyone calls him "C.J."

I have much more to tell you about this guy and if anyone knows who this is and/or would like to help then please send me an email.

Your best bet is to send it via my Yahoo because only Yahoo can be read on my phone.




Anonymous said...

Something smells about that story because A) Wal Mart doesn't hire over the road drivers without at least five years experience b) DOT regs allow only intrastate and three state over the road driving for anyone with a CDL that is under 21 which means that c) It couldn't have been a 23 year old Wal Mart driver because he couldn't have had the experience to drive for them.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Yeah, I bet he lied about many things but he was a Wal-Mart company driver. He might have lied about his age, name, where he is from...but he does drive for Wal-Mart and he did steal my identification.