Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ruthie Returns!!!!


So what happened and where did I go????

Allow me to fill you in:

I ended up staying the night at that shelter in Flagstaff, Arizona and then left the next afternoon [on I-40 heading east, because I can] after being picked up by a nice truck driver.

A couple of hundred miles down the road, I realized that I LOST MY CELL PHONE!!!

Yes, Campers, I was without a phone. That, of course, complicated things BIG TIME but I didn't want to post it here.

My phone is my life line and a crucial safety feature on the road.

I didn't want too many people to know that I was without it.

Eventually I got to Fort Smith, Arkansas again and went from there up to Fayetteville, Arkansas before traveling across some back roads in Missouri.

I like it up there. And I met some awesome people, too.

But that's personal and I will not share it here. [Nope, you'll only get the skinny on that if you email me and request it]

Then I dove back into Tennessee. Yaaaayyyup.

However, I realized that the thing that I thought was just a little cold was much more serious than that.

I coughed and coughed and coughed and just coughed some more.

My lungs became more and more congested [I haven't smoked a cigarette for over four months]and I knew it was time to get off the road and deal with it.

It just so happened that I got to Jackson, Tennessee and met some very generous people.

The first one [a lady] waved me over to her rig and handed me $45.00 out the window.

She told me that she couldn't give me a ride but wanted to give me the cash.

Then another guy, in a red pickup, ended up giving me $200.00 and drove me to a small motel.

He is a Christian guy and asked for nothing in return.

I stayed there, in a self-imposed exile, for over four days. Then I hitchhiked back into Jackson and I will be back on the road tomorrow.

I feel much better now but I'm still battling the congestion in my chest.

The weather here is very warm and humid. Thunderstorms circle this area every day but we haven't gotten a direct hit.


I am very aware that people tried to call me and am happy to say that YOU CAN CALL ME NOW BECAUSE I NOW HAVE A NEW PHONE!!! Yay!!!

I also have a new Walkman.

I have to keep my phone off while I am in this library but will be available for phone calls tonight and all day tomorrow.


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