Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Hello, Campers! Tomorrow will be a good day, of course, and I will find out if I am going to be able to move into a nice room at the Bellingham, Washington YWCA..Or not.

If things here in Bellingham don't pan-out tomorrow then I am going to head for Wenatchee, Washington.

[Don't worry, Campers, Alaska is still in the wings!]

First of all, I would like to mention that my blog is slowly but surely gaining interest on and off the main search engines. The fact that I try to post at least every other day and cover a diverse list of subjects is making a big difference.

I like blogging. But more than that I love tracking who reads it!

This blog might have my name on it but it's written for you.

That's the good news, Campers. My blog is now being read everywhere!

The bad news?

As my friend Lurch used to say: "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhohohohhhh."

First of all, there were three fights at the "Church On The Street" here in Bellingham the other night. Finally, the pastor, my friend Chuck, ordered everyone out of the building and shut it down for the night at 7pm.

He usually shuts it down between 9 and 10pm.

So what did a person or persons do after that?

A person or persons went back behind the church building and slashed all four tires on Pastor Chuck's SUV!

Is that WRONG or what???

I mean, here Pastor Chuck and his wife, Cari, have provided meals, clothing, counseling and a place to hang out to everyone who walks in the door of the "Church On The Street."

And what did they get in return?

I discussed the situation with Cari when we met for awhile yesterday afternoon.

I want to kick butts and take names.

Pastor Chuck closed the church "until further notice" and put a sign on the door that says:

"Whoever slashed the tires...We forgive you."

Meanwhile, I have continued to joust with the thugs and idiots at the Rainbow Center.

Fortunately a replacement bankcard showed up in the mail at another location in Bellingham. [I made arrangements to get mail sent elsewhere after the trouble started at the Rainbow Center.]

I called Wells Fargo and it looks like that piece is pretty much taken care of.

And I also got a food-handler card yesterday which will be acceptable as another form of ID at the Bellingham DMV.

But I am concerned that some mail might still be in transit due to Memorial weekend and will end up at the Rainbow Center.

So I went to talk to a woman at the Center today who tried [in every way possible] to defend the actions of the thugs and idiots. But when the smoke cleared, I obviously won.

I will return to the Rainbow Center tomorrow and Lyle [remember Lyle] will finally take the reigns and get any and all mail to moi.

He better!

I am planning on sending a "lovely" email to the editor of the local newspaper. And I sincerely hope that it gets published!!!

The folks at the Lighthouse Mission have decided that they don't like me. Not one bit.

That's fine with me. I don't like them, either!

This morning, when I put my pack in its usual place before going downstairs for breakfast, I was told to stash it in the chapel [which is also where we sleep at night].

I complied.

Then Kevin [who is known as a part-time raging drunk] sauntered out and put his stuff down where I had just been told to remove mine!

I mentioned this to the staff guy who was bothered by the fact that I wasn't going to accept his obvious attempt at preferential treatment. I told him that I had moved my stuff out of the first location and that Kevin should put HIS belongings in the chapel, too.

The staff guy started ranting. I held my ground.

"I just want what's fair here" I said.

Kevin walked back, picked up his things and took them back in the chapel.

Score one for me!

I'm ready to leave, Campers.

Bellingham Bites!!!!!

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