Monday, June 12, 2006

Message to Loren And Colleen

Hello Colleen & Loren! Here's what I have so far:

I am at the Rescue Mission in Butte, Montana.

So far I have a 10:00 am appointment with the YWCA in Helena this Thursday morning.

But I have nowhere to stay if I hitchhike up there on Wed. night. And if I try to hitchhike I might not make it in time for the appointment in Helena.

The appointment in Helena is all about an agency deciding if it will pay my rent for the last two weeks of this month.

If it will, then I'm all set for the summer. I will stay at the YWCA in Helena until October 1 and then go back to Bellingham, Washington and board a ferry to Canada.

But no one knows where to stash me in Helena overnight Wednesday night.

I'm getting really frustrated!

The room will cost around eighty-dollars with a fifty-dollar deposit and a twelve-dollar key deposit.

Do you have any ideas on what I could do on Wednesday night in Helena?

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