Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ruthie In Bellingham, Update

Hi Campers! It looks like the YWCA is going to drag its feet so I am not going to stay there, after all. Cari met me this morning and we made plans for this evening.

I will probably get a room for a week and wait for the rest of my ID to come in the mail. Then Cari will take me to the DMV and I will !FINALLY! have all of my ID replaced...YAY!!!

I'm pretty tired, Campers and my joints ache. I need a bed after spending two weeks on a mat on the floor.

So I'm going to take a break.

Next week I should be in fine shape again.

I have to get an eye exam and get new glasses. I have to apply for benefits here in Washington State.

I want things situated before I go back up to Alaska.

I'll say one thing: I will NEVER return to that worthless Lighthouse of Horrors Mission again!!!!

I went down to get breakfast this morning and couldn't even get a cup of coffee. Nope.

The guys in the kitchen hogged it all and drank it in front of the rest of us!!!!

I mean, if they had asked me to do a job for them in exchange for a hot cup of Joe, I would have done it!

When the guy behind the desk, who was an asshole to me yesterday, said: "Have A Good Day, Ruth" I stopped. Very slowly turned around. Looked him straight in the eye. And said: "Bite me!" And then I walked out the door for the last time.

:p THBZZZzzzz!!!!!

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