Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ruthie In Helena, Montana

My pack and all of its contents was stolen the other day...Right out of the so-called "Rescue" Mission in Butte, Montana. This after both the "director" and his daughter told me where to put my pack so that it would be safe while I took care of other business around town.

I left Butte that night. I was devastated! And MAD! I am still MAD!

Neither one of those individuals did a darn thing to help me after I discovered that the pack was gone. And that pack contained some VERY important items!

I sat on a guardrail and waited all night to get a ride 63 miles up the hill to Helena, the capitol city of Montana.

Early the next morning, a young man returning from his third-shift job at Kmart pulled over and finally picked me up. He brought me straight to the Salvation Army in Helena.

The folks there got me some food and drink. Then they put me up in a motel.

When I got to the motel, I called a local congregation and the lady there bought me another night in the motel.

Then I went to my pre-arranged appointment with a helping organization in Helena.

After talking to them, we came to an agreement: They will pay for my stay at the YWCA and I will do volunteer work for them at their thrift store.

I'll start working there on Monday.

In the meantime, the same folks bought me a bus pass and got me some clothes from their store.

I contacted the local church again and several people helped me to get more food and then took me to Wal-Mart. Now I have sandals on my feet and plenty of batteries for my WalkMan.

The lady at the YWCA gave me a TV to use and the folks at the church brought over an antennae for it.

Now I get six local stations!

The room is no larger than a broom closet [well...Maybe a little bit bigger!] but it has an antique dresser and mirror, a side-table, a comfy chair, a NICE bed, a lamp, a clock radio and a teeny, weeny closet.

The rest of the house is HUGE!

So I have plenty of space in which to wander if I want to. And the great thing about it is that it is so perfectly located...Right in the heart of downtown Helena!

I am thinking of replacing all of my lost [ahem!] items and staying in Helena until next spring. And THEN I will return to Alaska.

Whaddya think, Campers???

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mary (alyceclover) said...

When people ask me what I think, I say, "I try not to". Don't know you well enough to comment, but believe you know what's best for you, so think your plan is a good one.

That's so sad that someone took your pack. I used to think that if people needed what I had more than I did, they could have it. But when a pack is all one has, guarding it seems more important. Maybe someday I'll have your courage to hitch rides. Wish you well.