Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Hello, Campers!!! I know, I know...where have I been?

I decided that the Helena gig just wasn't for me. I got tired of dealing with the prima donna parahanas at the YWCA. And I also got pissed-off when a worker at the thrift store told me that I couldn't sort clothes because "that requires training."


So I left Helena, by my thumb, late last Monday afternoon.

And I hitchhiked allllll the way where I am tonight: Burlington, Washington.

When I got to Spokane, Washington, I walked...WALKED, mind you...from the Flying J truck stop to US highway 2. All the way across the city. In one night. And blew out my left foot.

I finally collapsed on an old stone porch that was [for no particular reason that I could identify] connected to nothing. I shivered and waited for daylight. When it came I continued on and ended up in Creston, Washington.

My friend Colleen picked me up at the store and took me back to her farm. I ate, showered and chatted with that wonderful lady and her husband, Loren.

Then I got back on the road again and got to Monroe, Washington last night.

What a place!

I ran into a preacher guy who told me that he couldn't help me find a place for the night.

BUT! He told me that while standing in front of a large, empty church building. A nice house that the church owns was empty next door, too. And I had to make a comment when I looked at his $50,000 Harley Gold Wing shining in the parking lot.

It was obvious that he cared more for his buildings and his bike than he did about me.

So I told him, loud and clear: "One reason that we crossed paths, Paul, is because God has a message for you: YOU HAVE TOO MUCH!!!!"

After I delivered my parting shot, I walked down to the outdoor bus shelters and stayed there for the rest of the night. And I shivered again.

Today I got to Burlington and met a wonderful bunch of folks at the local senior center. They just loved me.

They gave me hot coffee, a foot soak, pedicure and massage! They also wrapped me in a blanket, gave me a pillow and let me nap on their couch for a few hours. And the lunch that they served was excellent!

After that I was on my way out of town when Jeniffer spotted me and called me over to her car.

Jennifer is an angel. I am sure of it.

She is going to keep me here at her home tonight and then will help me to get to Bremerton, Washington tomorrow.

I am using her computer right now.

So all is well, Campers. And I will be posting an update from "across the water" soon.

Meanwhile, I'm sorry that my camera was stolen again and I wasn't able to take a photo of the three deer that I saw this morning.

Two does and a buck were munching raspberries on the side of the road this morning.

When I came up on them, they looked at me as if to say: "Well, would you like to join us?"

Those moments are what make traveling worthwhile.

Talk to you soon!

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alyceclover said...

Funny, I'd gone to sleep picturing you in that awful room~not that it was awful, just my mind picture~and didn't think you'd stay. Also was looking at all those earthquakes in Alaska, which I guess is normal. I often shopped the Salvation Army thrift stores, or donated stuff, and couldn't picture you there. Sort of a depressing existence; but thought the beauty of the town would compensate. Glad you're back. (online)