Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I am in Olympia, Washington today. Yay! I made it!


I went all the way up to Standwood and got nowhere.

I mean, they have a "resource center" up there but, of course, in the land of $1,000 per month rentals, it's only a front for a grant-sucking operation. And it's funded by...You guessed it...The United Way.

I really need to have another word with those folks!

Nope, nobody at that place did a thing for me so I turned around and bussed myself back down to Tacoma.

And when I attempted to get into a shelter there, some big guy with an attitude told me that I couldn't come in.

A one-finger salute to Tacoma!

[I will bring you more on the Tacoma incident later]

In the meantime, suffice it to say that I'm tired! I've been up all night but I had a great breakfast this morning at an old-timey cafe. The blast from the past came complete with a long counter, vinyl-covered stools and over-sized ceiling fans.

The coffee was DEEE-licious, smack, smack!!!

Now I am going to go see where I can eat again and lay my weary head for awhile.

I am about to find out if there is a soup kitchen and shelter in Olympia.

Or just another pile of lame excuses.

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