Saturday, June 03, 2006

Ruthie's New Ringie-Dingie

Hello Campers! I am about to go out on the road again.

And I am looking to hear from any Digihitchers who might wander by.

I have changed the phone number at the top of the blog. This is because I am back in cellular heaven again.

Translation: I got a new cell phone.

While I would have liked to have kept the previous number I decided that after losing two phones I would try a new number this time.


Feel free to send me email through Yahoo and I will get it and respond when I have time. My phone is good that way. I also can receive Yahoo instant messenger.

I can tap into both MSN and AOL messenger, too. But I usually don't deal with MSN and am convinced that AOL has a curse on it.

I cannot take or send photos with my phone but I can receive them.


I will not respond. Period.

With the email option at my disposal, I don't waste my air time on text messages.

But if you want to just call and tell me about your day, go ahead.


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