Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Update, Missing Reachelle Smith

Dru Sjodin's body was finally found in North Dakota after it looked like it never would be. The same can be said for Bethany Correira, the 21 year-old woman who's body was found months later in a remote part of Alaska.

I believe that Reachelle Smith is waiting to be found, too. This is no time to quit looking.

But human nature being what it is...People are starting to give up.

And that is wrong and it breaks my heart.

Read on:

[(AP) _ Minot authorities are still asking rural residents to check their property for clues in the disappearance of Reachelle Smith.

The three-year-old girl has been missing more than two weeks. And a search by horseback riders of four townships on Saturday failed to turn up any sign of her.

Minot Police Captain Al Hanson says no more searches of that magnitude are planned.

One of the riders on Saturday was injured when his horse started bucking. Authorities say 41-year-old Tom Freud of Cando tried to dismount but fell at an angle, breaking his leg.

He's listed in satisfactory condition today at Minot's Trinity hospital.

Also joining Saturday's search was Becker County Deputy Darwin Nundahl, of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. Nundahl says he has a three-year-old daughter, and he wanted to help.]

I am praying once again that the person who knows a secret about Reachelle Smith's disappearance will do the right thing and step forward.

Reachelle didn't live three years to be forgotten like this.

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alyceclover said...

Ruthville, ND is 9 miles north of Minot. Won't have known that, if I hadn't checked the Amber Alert site for any news updates.