Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Urgent Message To Loren And Colleen!

LAST NIGHT!!!! Everything is gone. All of it. As far as I know now...my backpack and everything that is important to me was stolen from the mission sometime yesterday afternoon.

And the kicker is that the so-called "director" of the place was too busy in a "board meeting" to help me.

He just said "Ma'am we will deal with this later...I'm not sure when..." and then shut the door in my face.

Yup. A real Christian man!

And I wonder why, when he made a short phone call on his cell phone before he gave me the door, he walked away from me and spoke in a low tone of voice into the phone.

I have a bunch of phone calls to make. But first I stopped here at the library to send this to you.

I am not checked-in yet to the motel that I am going to be staying in tonight [another part of this long story] but this is the number:

(406) 442-0600

Would you call me tonight at the above number and just ask for my room?

I will be doing my best to get another night of lodging here. [I am in Helena, Montana now] and see about making long-distance phone calls to Butte, Montana and Bellingham, Washington.

If you can, would you please call the Nazarene church in Butte for me?

The pastor's name is Nathan and you can reach him at (406) 723-5088.

I would like Nathan to call me at the motel.

I'll explain everything when you contact me. I only have a few minutes left on this computer.

Thank you, both of you!


Holly said...

(not sure if this went through the first time)
When it rains it pours. Hi Ruthie. Seems your having quite a time of it, and I am sorry your having to deal with this. They say Butte is a mile high and a mile deep and the butt hole of America. I cant say that I disagree with that although I might add that it is filled with the buttheads of America. If I thought my vehicle would make it to Helena, or Bellingham I would gladly give you a ride, but even a trip to the grocers is risky business. Anyway, I just wanted to say that your smile was a sparkle in a dim city. I really enjoyed meeting you and will continue to read your blog. I hope things get better for you. :)

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Yeah well right now I am trying to pull all of my identification back together. No thanks to Butte!

Thank you for your compliments. You are a sweetie, yourself.