Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Once More For Reachelle

Due to the fact that some folks have been trying to access the following post and somehow the link to it got screwed-up, I am re-posting it again:

When Dennis Rader surfaced...And before anyone [besides his victims] knew that he was the Kansas BTK Strangler...I felt a strong draw to the case.

Law enforcement across the Country struggled to discover his identity and I felt his presence nearly everywhere I went.

It was a psychic thing.

Finally, Dennis Rader threw a hint a bit too far and he was caught. Finally. After 30 years.

What was my connection to him?

My name: Ruthie Rader.

Today, I checked-out a new website and discovered that little Reachelle Smith and I also have something in common.

But I won't tell you what it is.

If you know me well enough you already know what the connection is.

So perhaps that is why I became interested in her case.

Reachelle is still missing. I hold out hope every day that someone will come forward and she will be found.

As with Dennis Rader, time has nothing to do with telling the truth.

I am convinced that somebody, somewhere knows the truth about Reachelle's disappearance. And that person also knows exactly where Reachelle is.

Remember, mud, water, stones and little shoes. That is what I "see" when I track Reachelle.

Pray, Campers...God makes miracles happen every day.


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