Saturday, July 08, 2006

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I have sooo much to tell you, Campers! And I will start by telling you how I spent my Fourth Of July!

I awoke on independence Day in a small cabin that was built over 150 years ago. The cabin is located [This is all I will tell you] in the middle of nowhere [and I do mean NOWHERE!]in South Central Idaho.

An old man with a big heart and a small dog, picked me up the night before and brought me out to his digs. In the middle of the high-desert wilderness.

We ate dinner at a nice cafe before driving out to his hamlet under the stars.

The wide paved road eventually gave way to two-ruts in the mud.

And beyond a barb-wired fence and an ancient gate, the cabin stood like a lone sentinel in the moonlight.

My companion, whom I shall refer to as "Larry", already explained to me that the cabin has no electricity or running water.

But it does have cozy gas lights and the trailer next door is rigged-up for toilet use and a good, fast shower.

That night, Larry and I sipped cold cans of Dr. Pepper and gazed at every star that God made in that section of the sky.

Larry told me about his life while I petted his dog.

Eventually, I lay back on the mattress that Larry pulled onto the floor for me and fell asleep.

The next day, on July 4th, Larry drove me to a location and wished me good luck.

I have photos of my time with Larry and his dog. I will post them soon.

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