Saturday, July 08, 2006

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Idaho has a really stupid law: You can walk on the shoulder of the interstate...And I mean RIGHT DOWN THERE ON THE BREAKDOWN LANE WHILE TRAFFIC BLOWS BY AT 75 MILES AN HOUR!!!...But you can NOT stick your thumb out or carry any kind of sign. Nope.

I had no intention of walking.

So I sat down in a good location and stuck my thumb out.

Nobody stopped.

All day.

Finally a young couple in a beat-up pick-up truck stopped and took me into Pocatello.

The local shelter there was full so I was dropped-off by the ramp.

And I noticed a sign that said "Hitchhiking Prohibited Beyond This Point" so I stood in front of it and stuck my thumb out.

The cops drove right by and didn't even blink. It was a few hours before the fireworks and they didn't have time to deal with me.

But several good rides did.

And eventually I got to Idaho Falls with a man who was unloading the last of his fireworks at several shop sites that he owns.

Then we went looking for a shelter and discovered that there is still nowhere in Idaho Falls for a single, homeless woman to stay.

But there is a big shelter for men. And if I suddenly became pregnant or got beat-up, I'd be taken to a shelter right away.

He took me to a little mom-and-pop motel and the next day I walked up to the ramp...Again.


Or so I thought.

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