Saturday, July 08, 2006

Ruthie On The Road, Update

The staff at the hospital took my blood pressure, took some of my blood, took seven x-rays of my foot and wasted my time.

The worthless excuse for a "medical" person mumbled something about arthritis and disappeared.

Then the staff brought in who they referred to as a "social worker" who never gave me a thing to eat. Even though I told her that I was really hungry.


She told me that she was going to put me on a bus at 2:30 in the morning to Butte, Montana.

The "nurse" put a removable ankle-guard on my foot that didn't fit with the type of sandal/shoe that I wear.

Nobody thought about an ACE bandage.

And I only got one Ibuprofen. One.

I declined the bus ticket.

I realized that if the bus stopped in some deep downtown location in Butte that I would be screwed.

So I threw off the ankle-guard and walked my hurting, hungry and tired self up to the ramp.

Then I sat down on the inside part of a guardrail, clicked-on my flashlight, pulled a plastic out of my pack, put it and a t-shirt over me, leaned back on my pack and fell asleep.

My last thought was: "Things have got to get better."

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