Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ruthie On The Road, Update

So what did I do? Well, what COULD I do?

I sat down on the hill below the overpass and watched the big trucks roll up and down the interstate.

On Sunday morning, I walked down onto the freeway and tried to hitch a ride. No takers.

So I took out my cell phone and called the South Heart cop. It turns out that South Heart's police department consists of one sweet woman who will share her home, puppy and coffee with you if you're good. But she'll totally kick your ass if you aren't.

The woman came out and got me and took me back to her house. I told her what Jeremy did to me and she got really mad!

Then she drove me back into Dickinson where we tried to get some assistance from the Dicksinson police.

But the DICK-inson cops just blew me off and I will never forget or forgive them for that!

I walked down to the ramp leading back to Bismarck [my only feasible option at that point] and finally got a ride with a young man named Chris.

He took me to Bismarck where we connected with a church. Those folks made arrangements to keep me at a friend's guest house overnight.

The guest house is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Then, yesterday morning they took me out to breakfast and then put me on a bus to Sioux Falls.

I am safe and sound in South Dakota and will be seeing a doctor [for my foot and for a bad sunburn] this afternoon.

Geez, I'm tired!

Do you have any idea why?!!

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