Monday, July 31, 2006

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Yeah, yeah, I know Campers...But I got tired of going without a shower and carrying around a backpack filled with dirty clothes.

So I hitchhiked here to Corvallis.

I don't really like it here but I have managed to take care of my basic needs.

Last Friday, I double-triple tried to get a shower. Nobody would help me.

Nope. No one. Nada. No deal. Nothin'.

:p THBZZZzzzz!!!

So, last Friday night I went to a church meeting and asked the people there if they would help me get a shower. They flashed me condescending smiles and kept me at arm's length. Jesus Christ, Himself, treated lepers better than those damned hypocrites treated me!

And...Get this, Campers: The guy who delivered the pseudo-sermon actually passed out a six-page directive on how to properly pray to God Almighty.

No kidding, I'm serious!

I mean, the "manual" actually had footnotes and everything!

After glancing at it, I put it down on the table and shook my head. Then I pulled the staple out of the corner of the papers and decided that it belonged in the speaker's ear.

After the meeting, I grabbed my pack and walked out the door. Five minutes later, I dropped my bag and walked back in the door.

Then I proceeded to get everyone's attention. I pointed out some facts and told them all off. And then I walked out again.

Nobody, that I could tell, said a single word. I believe they were stunned.

Somebody, finally, shocked the sheep.

And I didn't even need twenty words on a single piece of paper to do that. Or a staple, either.

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