Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Sioux Falls, South Dakota is edging closer to "Red Flag" alert status.

This means that the humidity is too low, the vegetation is too dry and the temperature is too hot!!!

In fact, a storm system drifted right by Sioux Falls today and didn't leave a drop of rain!

The daily high is in the 90's and I have a sunburn that resembles a scarlet red tattoo on my arms and chest.

An interesting drama played-out downtown before 9am this morning.

After some creative role-playing, several armed plainclothed cops took a woman into custody.

At least I think they did.

Or maybe they were doing just that: role-playing.

I sat across the street and watched the whole thing. All I kept thinking was..."Better her than me!"

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mary said...

Details! (on the creative role-playing)