Monday, July 17, 2006

Ruthie On The Road, Update

The mission in Rapid City sent me off with fried chicken, brownies, rolls and a jug of ice water this morning.

I got rides all the way to little Sundance, Wyoming where I am now.

I am going to stay at a motel tonight and then get a ride with a nice lady in the morning to another larger town in this State.

The major problem with Wyoming, as I am sure most of you know already, Campers, is the fact that hitchhiking is illegal here.

Oh I can walk a bit on the interstate...But I can't try to "attract driver attention."

A driver can stop and pick me up...But that action is solely up to the driver's discretion. Rides cannot be "solicited."

And this is the State where they let cattle free-range all over the place...Including on the road!

Go figure!

I will eat well and sleep well tonight and will do my best to bring you a much more in-depth update tomorrow.

For now I would like to share two bits of information:

Greyhound/Powder River Bus Lines no longer sell tickets or stop in Sundance, Wyoming.

The next bus station west of Rapid City, South Dakota is in Gillette, Wyoming.

The mission in Rapid City is excellent!

I highly recommend it.

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