Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Greetings from beautiful downtown Gillette, Wyoming!

Gillette is a city of contradictions.

The Sundance Police transported me from their town to an overpass [I kid you not!] fifteen miles outside of Gillette. Yesterday. In the afternoon. And when the trooper dropped me off...the temperature was close to 100 degrees F!

There I was, left on my own, to walk down that ramp, pack on my back, in the middle of nowhere...and put my thumb out to get a ride in the terrible late-day heat!

I was left in an area that is close to a small town. But from where I stood, on the side of the interstate...that small town might as well have been a million miles away.

Yes, when I put out my thumb at the bottom of the ramp, I broke Wyoming's law.

I didn't care.

Who in my position would?

I think the trooper who dropped me off where he did, in the heat, at that time of day...broke a far more serious law: The Law Of Decent Human Behavior!

And did anybody pick me up right away?


They just sneered at me when they drove by and left me alone to wilt.

Finally a man stopped and brought me to the shelter.

I pray that driver gets a winning lottery ticket. I'm sure that his selfless act of mercy will earn him some good karma.

The shelter is awesome!

The building is only about five-years-old and I slept in a small room by myself. All of the women have their own private room there. The room includes a bed, comfortable chair, waste basket and a large fan.

The men sleep together in a dorm situation except for those who are in a separate program.

The women share a bathroom which includes two stalls, two showers and a bathtub.

Chores are mandatory on a daily basis so everything stays clean.

The Council of Community Services HELPS in various ways. They are truly wonderful!

They let me use this computer in one of the offices and are watching my pack in a locked area. They also gave me a bodacious glass of iced tea!

I will board a bus later tonight [via a ticket that they provided which was given to me on a loan basis] that will take me to Billings, Montana. Yay!

I will reach Billings late tonight.

They have also made sure that I have plenty of food and drink for the trip.

They more than made up for the individuals that didn't bother with me on that hot road yesterday.

Bless them all.

The bus may be rolling through wildfires tonight, too. I will post when I can tomorrow and let you all know how the trip went.

And thank you for your comments. I love them all!

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