Friday, August 04, 2006

Beirut Live or Dying?

I posted the following comments on the blog "Beirut Live" which was featured on CNN today. I mean every single word I wrote:
[Click on the post headline to visit the "Beirut Live" blog.]

I would like to know how a person sleeps over there when rockets are exploding and dying children are screaming in the night.

Every child is precious in this world.

No matter what "side" they are on.

Children are children.

Each and every child born carries the potential to create a better future...For the entire world.

When did we as human beings lose so much focus on that fact?

The catastrophe here is the fact that for every building that crumbles down...Another wall goes up in a hateful adult's mind.

There are no bridges forthcoming.


Will each side kill and kill and kill until there's nobody left to love?

What is everybody doing?!?

What, indeed.

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